Welcome to the WhatDeal Frequently Asked Questions, as we get more feedback, this guide will grow in order to answer as many questions as possible.  In order to submit a query simply reply with a comment to this page or use our contact form.

Can I share coupons?
If you have found a great online coupon code, be sure to share it by using the submit link in the menu above.  What we do ask for is to not link back to another deal website – not only is it confusing, in the past it has been the main source of spam on The WhatDeal .

The code doesn’t work, Help!
If the coupon code flat out refuses to work on the online shops checkout page,  make a comment by selecting the comments tab where you find our codes and we will endeavor to fix it and find out why it isn’t working.

Do you offer an coupon feed?
We certainly do, As well as our RSS syndication, we also offer a custom RSS/XML feed which is populated with a lot more useful data, just contact The WhatDeal to find out how.

Missing Coupon codes?
Not the code you are looking for?  Coupons expire all the time and it may have been removed.  If you really had your heart set on using a specific code, Contact us via the menu above and we will see what we can do.

Can I promote my store on your website?

You certainly can though we need to be as transparent as possible with our users.  In order to do this your profile needs to be marked as a Store Representative.  Store Rep submissions are also listed during our submission process and involve a small fee.  Another Option is to join a merchant Network like CJ as we can utilise their coupon data.