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[$19.80 OFF] Lidorsystems IntegralUI TabControl for .NET Discount (100% WORKING)

IntegralUI TabControl  is an advanced .NET WinForms control with following features: Animation Different animation effects are supported Fading effect with five speed levels Show multiple animated gifs in each tab header Control over image animation Appearance Customize the appearance of every control part using many color and format styles Customize the appearance of every control part: background, border,… Read More »

[$29.80 OFF] Lidorsystems IntegralUI Containers Discount (100% WORKING)

IntegralUI Containers  is a set of five advanced container controls which are easy to use and fully customizable. The included controls are: Expander Use of command buttons in control header for specific tasks General color and format styles for control background and border Color styles for every state (disabled, hover, normal and selected) of control header… Read More »

[$19.80 OFF] Lidorsystems IntegralUI TreeView for .NET Discount (100% WORKING)

A custom feature rich TreeView control for .NET windows forms. It allows you to create rich hierarchical structure of your data with ability to include in each tree node different objects like text, images, check boxes, hyperlinks and custom controls, arranged in custom layouts. It is a high performance control, with advanced filtering and custom… Read More »

[$49.80 OFF] Lidorsystems IntegralUI Lists Discount (100% WORKING)

Lidorsystems IntegralUI Lists Feature rich package of four data visualization controls: ListBox – Rich data visualization in custom layouts TreeListView – Rich multi-column hierarchical data visualization control ListView – Rich data visualization in multiple views TreeView – Rich hierarchical data visualization control All controls have built-in live editor, advanced drag and drop, sorting and filtering, fully customizable appearance and… Read More »

[$99.80 OFF] Lidorsystems IntegralUI Studio for .NET WinForms Discount (100% WORKING)

A suite of 27+ advanced .NET User Interface controls. The package includes docking and tabbed document management controls, advanced data visualization controls, multiple containers which can contain custom controls and components for grouping and organizing your application layout. All components are easy to use, have custom appearance, mutiple styles, supports XML load/save and fast data… Read More »

[$19.80 OFF] Lidorsystems IntegralUI ListView for .NET Discount (100% WORKING)

Lidorsystems IntegralUI ListView for .NET Discount – What’s New Flat theme Each column header now can display multiple command buttons: drop-down, context menu, etc. Option to show ScrollBar only when control is focused or mouse cursor hovers over its space Mouse-Wheel now handles horizontal scrolling when only horizontal scrollbar is visible What’s Fixed Pressing the… Read More »